Called to Service

Living Intentionally Conspicuous Christian Lives

We are not all called to be preachers and teachers. In fact, some of us think we just don't have the right gifts or tools to be effective "evangelists." But we are all called to live as Christians in a world that might not know what that really means. So please join us as we live intentionally conspicuous Christian lives through Project Serve.

Project Serve

Project Serve is a new take on an age-old mission of thinking outside of ourselves through service and care to those outside of our church. The Board of Mercy & Outreach plans to organize one service project each quarter with the goal of making kindness to others – with no strings attached – a natural response in thanksgiving to God for the many blessings He has given each of us.

With an attitude of selflessness and service, you might be surprised how many hearts you can touch and eyebrows you can raise.